To Infinity, And Beyond

Two months ago, the day after we closed the last show I directed, I was bored and sad and decided to do something weird to entertain myself. Sixty-ish days later this silly thing has amassed around 5,300 views from 2,300 visitors in 19 countries. That’s fucking bananas.

Anyway, you guys are the greatest, and this has been super fun, and we must do this again sometime.

So let’s get down to it. I’ve very purposefully left my face and body off of this thing this entire time, because I didn’t think it was the point. And I promised at the beginning not to talk about exact pounds and workouts or whatever, but I think it’s important in the storytelling of the thing. So, to include the longer journey, it’s like this:

I’ve usually, in my adult life, been in the area of 170/180-ish pounds. When I left New York this went up to 190-ish. When I moved to Alabama this became 200-ish. Earlier this year I was laid off, broke, recently dumped, and a sad little boozebag, and made it all the way up to 216 pounds. I don’t have a lot of pictures of this time, but here’s a still from a video I posted on Facebook:


None of my clothes fit, my gut hung over my jeans, and I was miserable at all hours of the day. At my lowest I tried running and ended up injuring myself. To heal myself I started doing yoga regularly. I changed up my diet. And quietly, away from everybody’s eyes, I lost 20 pounds. Then I got stuck. Then I bought a stupid tank top and it didn’t fit and it made me mad. So I started this blog with the goal of losing 10-15 pounds.

I made it in under the wire. I lost 10. So, to celebrate, we went out and took a bunch of silly pictures all over town.


We went downtown!


We hung out in the park!


We experienced the miracle of Fall!


We found a secret garden!


We enjoyed fine works of literature!


After we were done with our literature we were feeling rowdy, so we went to an Auburn tailgate.


We rode a party bus!


The party bus was awesome.


Then we partied with Aubie until the sun went down.


A good time was had by all. (Special thanks to Baby Mama and Jaime for rocking the camera through the weekend.)

So. We are done here. I wish I had any wisdom to pass on, but I think I blew all my wisdom last night while smoking 4 pounds of brisket and having good people over.

No idea what happens now, in anything. In work, in love, in body and soul: I am at a total crossroads and couldn’t even entertain a guess as to what the future will bring. If it’s hard, we’ll deal with it. If it’s fun, we’ll rock it. We will continue the mantra of this project, which is just to KEEP GOING. Never, ever, ever stop, for anything. Never give up. Take it all in. Cry when you need to. Have a million miles of fun. Keep going.


Thanks for being cool, you guys. High fives all around. Now let’s show the world what we’ve got. Let’s go give ’em Hell.

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