Workout Mix 6: The End of the Road

We are couch-cuddling, watching Mr. Bean cartoons and eating tacos (lean turkey, no greasy beef – big chunks of avocado, no sour cream.) No time for the gym: I need to take publicity pictures for a show at the community theatre. I bring my son with me to get him out of the house, let his mother sleep a little before her shift. He loves the city’s arts center, and demands that we bring our basketballs to play on the adjacent courts this weekend. “Yeah! Let’s do that,” I chirp as I scruff his hair.  He races me to the front door and giggles wildly as he leaves me in his dust.

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Workout Mix 5: Playing Songs Bringing Tears to My Eyes

OK, a little meta-narrative, which I told myself I would avoid, but I think it’s necessary at this point for my own sanity. I over-think things. It’s my deal. Bear with me.

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Workout Mix 4: The Bleux Rawking Society

Happy Friday! We made it, more or less! My left side is still jacked up from who-knows-what, so I feel less “we made it” than I ought to, but still! The sun is shining in Georgia and a weekend of good times and kite flying are ahead.

So! Last week I disappointed myself (and got rightly called out) when I realized there was not a single female artist on my workout playlist.

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Workout Mix 1: Indie Tunes for 30something Joggers

I’m honestly baffled at this point: I started this thing assuming, like, a dozen of my friends would check up on it and right now it’s averaging 100 readers a day in eight different countries. That’s not a lot to a pro blogger, but it’s a buttload more than I ever anticipated. Hooray! Thank you! Keep coming back and tell your friends! I long to bring you more stories about Poop Incidents.

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